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GoNature: Supporting Ways of sustainable living, including inclusive and critical thinking, is an Erasmus+-funded project including partners from Austria, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Finland.

We wish to spread information about more sustainable ways of life.  To adopt a low-threshold approach to provide people with access to the topic and to assist them in implementing more environmentally friendly methods in their daily lives.

Our strategy is to reach out to them through family access. The family is the smallest system in European society, the foundation for democracy and social change, and hence demands special attention. There are already good solutions to many issues and questions, some of which existed at the time of today's grandparents but were simply forgotten. Some of them must search outside their own country's boundaries. So we're attempting to reclaim that knowledge and revitalise the transmission of information through generations. By playing the board game, we hope to pass on traditional wisdom to young people and use digital tools to learn more about sustainable living, including inclusive and critical thinking.

Project Activities

A textbook with 9 categories and a collection of exercises  providing basic knowledge in the field of sustainability. We will develop 10 questions and 10 answers per category and each question and answer will be downloadable via QR code for the game

The game consists of question cards which can also be read on a mobile phone via the website as a greener solution to printing them all out. Players move around the and if they land on a square, they must answer the question or respond to the scenario according to the color of the square. 

Project consortium

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