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Overview: Associação para a Ação Educativa Cultural e Desportiva, Form2you, is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Portugal, focusing on enhancing social and human capital. Founded in 2019, the organization is dedicated to building the capacity of various entities, enabling them to navigate challenges and opportunities in their external environments. With a team of nine collaborators, Form2you engages in tailor-made and socially innovative projects, transferring and disseminating good practices to foster personal, social, professional, and organizational development.

Key Personnel:

  • Mr. Victor Santos (President): A graduate in Music Education and 1st cycle education, Mr. Santos has been an entrepreneurial teacher since 1999. With expertise in ICT and a digital skills certificate, he has consistently implemented activities and projects aimed at inclusion and active citizenship.

  • Mrs. Joana Oliveira (Treasure): A graduate in Teaching since 2000, Ms. Oliveira has been working at D. Carlos School since 2007 and is a founding member of Form2you. Elected Director of the Grouping of Schools D. Carlos I, Sintra, in 2013, she has a vast network of contacts with institutions in the county, district, and municipality.

  • Sónia Fernandes: A graduate in Criminal Psychology and a teacher, Ms. Fernandes is a Trainer in European and national projects. Her expertise contributes to the effective implementation of projects in various areas, including working with children in foster homes and seniors in care facilities.

  • Rui Santos: With a Postgraduate Degree in Sports Psychology, Mr. Santos is a Trainer in formal, informal, and non-formal education. Since the association's inception, he has been involved in enabling a range of activities, including leisure time activities and holiday camps.

Areas of Activity: Form2you operates in the fields of employment, evaluation, and education, providing consultancy and training programs that encompass mentoring, coaching, fundraising, total quality management, social support, volunteering, training, design, and social innovation processes. The organization employs open-source software, b-learning formats, and knowledge exchange to address social needs.

Educational Initiatives: The association collaborates with over 20 schools in the municipality of Sintra, working closely with youth to empower them and promote active citizenship skills. Additionally, Form2you engages with youth in houses, associations, and student associations to foster skills development and promote community collaboration. The organization's work aligns with the principles of non-formal education, utilizing fun and engaging activities to transmit essential learning objectives.

International Engagement: Form2you has actively participated as a coordinator in a KA201-YOU project and as a partner in several European Erasmus+ projects, alongside various national initiatives. The organization's team possesses experience in non-formal, informal, and lifelong learning.

Project Need and Dissemination: The international partnership offered by this project is deemed crucial by Form2you for several reasons. It enhances the effectiveness of their existing work with youth, facilitating the sharing of experiences and good practices among partners. This collaboration creates a network of sharing and effectiveness, contributing to the skills development of volunteers, associates, and workers involved. The project is particularly needed to address economic and social needs among young people in the municipality of Sintra.

Contributions to Dissemination: Form2you is well-positioned for efficient dissemination through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, partnerships with municipalities, including Sintra Town Council, enable effective communication with target groups. The association's involvement in multiple Erasmus projects empowers it to contribute to the international dissemination of project outcomes.

Associated Partnerships: Form2you has identified potential associated partners, including youth centers, schools, and municipalities. These partners will support project activities and contribute to dissemination efforts, benefiting from the project's outcomes in terms of knowledge transfer and skills development.

International Approach: International partnerships are essential for Form2you to enhance its work with youth, share experiences, and benefit from good practices. Collaborative efforts with European partners will enrich the skills of volunteers and associates, creating a network of effectiveness that would be challenging to achieve without this international project.

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