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Overview: Inklusio Oy, established in 2022, stands as a beacon of social innovation and a vital resource hub dedicated to supporting refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and the organizations working with them. Operating from Espoo, Finland, Inklusio envisions a society where racial equity, diversity, and inclusion flourish. The organization thrives on its commitment to engage underprivileged and minority groups through innovative knowledge development and practices.

Mission: Inklusio Oy is on a mission to bridge gaps and create opportunities for those seeking refuge and a fresh start. By providing language programs, training courses, and hosting community events, the organization aims to empower individuals and communities, facilitating their integration into the broader cultural fabric.

Community Center at Aalto University: At the heart of Inklusio's endeavors is its in-person community center located at Aalto University. This hub serves as a dynamic space where language acquisition, training seminars, and various events take place. Here, the organization is actively involved in fostering learning and cultural understanding, contributing to the development of a multicultural society.

Expertise and Focus Areas: While Inklusio Oy is a relatively new entity, its core team brings a wealth of experience from volunteering and the non-profit sector. The organization's key areas of expertise encompass language acquisition, course development, training seminars, public events, IT, film making, graphic design, and social media marketing. These competencies align seamlessly with Inklusio's commitment to social innovation.

Key Personnel:

  1. Barbara Winn-Hagelstam (Founder/CEO): A visionary social entrepreneur with a background in fine arts, Barbara has been a driving force behind Inklusio. With a robust history of teaching English as a second language, she has founded NGOs focusing on refugee integration and language development. Barbara has successfully managed EU projects, including the notable GoFar training for refugee workers.

  2. Talitha Brauer (Research and Graphic Artist): A skilled photographer and filmmaker, Talitha brings her expertise to Inklusio, combining visuals and text to create impactful multimedia projects and art exhibitions that drive social change.

  3. Kiinai Winn-Makkonen (Research and IT): Dedicated to cultural identity and English philology, Kiinai's volunteering background in refugee organizations makes him a valuable asset to Inklusio's IT department and intensive research projects.

EU Project Participation: Inklusio Oy proudly participated in European Union granted projects, showcasing its commitment to fostering positive change, particularly in projects like the GoFar training for refugee workers.

Collaborative Network: Inklusio has strategically formed partnerships with associated organizations such as Learning for Integration ry, Welcome Home International, and Aalto Design Factory. These collaborations further amplify Inklusio's impact, allowing for a holistic approach to integration and community development.

Conclusion: Inklusio Oy's journey as a social innovation network exemplifies a dedication to fostering inclusion, providing a haven for those in need, and contributing to the collective vision of a harmonious and diverse society. Through its diverse range of initiatives and projects, Inklusio stands as a beacon of hope, embracing the power of innovation for positive societal transformation.

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