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Description of Infinity Progress (NGO infinity-progress)

Overview: Infinity Progress, operating as NGO infinity-progress, is a private non-governmental organization based in the Těšín-Silesian region, nestled in the scenic Beskydy Mountains of the Czech Republic. Established in 2015, the organization is dedicated to fostering awareness of nature preservation, environmental sustainability, and the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region. At the heart of their efforts is the URSUS center, an interactive hub that serves as a catalyst for education and enlightenment.

Mission and Objectives: The primary mission of Infinity Progress is to promote sustainable development principles, environmental consciousness, and commitment. Through a range of educational initiatives, the organization seeks to rectify misrepresentations of sustainable development, guiding individuals toward actions aligned with the principles of sustainable living. Their objectives include delivering informative programs, workshops, and training sessions for diverse audiences, ranging from children to seniors.

URSUS Environmental Center: The URSUS center, launched in 2015, stands as a unique and interactive space. It serves as an educational platform offering engaging expositions, audiovisual tools, and training programs. The center attracts approximately 7,000 visitors annually, with a focus on families. Through both indoor and outdoor displays, URSUS provides a comprehensive experience, blending entertainment and education.

Educational Activities: Infinity Progress engages in a variety of educational activities aimed at different age groups. These include guided tours, workshops, vocational educational training (VET) programs, excursions, animated programs, seminars, and conferences. Their approach spans intergenerational and intercultural education, emphasizing the importance of cultural and natural heritage interpretation.

Partnerships and Collaborations: The organization collaborates closely with regional, national, and international institutions, fostering partnerships with entities such as the Moravian-Silesia Regional Council, the Protected Landscape Area Beskydy (CHKO Beskydy), Ostrava University – Faculty of Science, and more. Notably, Infinity Progress holds the national status of Information Center for the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area under the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic.

Key Projects and Achievements: Infinity Progress has been involved in several noteworthy projects, including:

  • LIFE+, Life for Insects (2017-2022): Implementation and verification of educational programs and sustainability tools.

  • Beskydy pod lupou and Beskydy-místo, kde žiji (2018-2022): Production of STEAM teaching materials focusing on sustainability.

  • ERASMUS+ KA1 (2018-2022): Transfer of methods for adult learners into Cultural and Natural Heritage Interpretation for sustainability.

  • ERASMUS+ KA2 CONATURE (2018-2020): Project focused on sustainability, encompassing water retention, nature gardens, and wild plant diversity.

Key Personnel:

  • MA Jana Karpecká, MBA: Leader project manager and expert lecturer with 15 years of experience.

  • Dipl. Engineer Jitka Kačalová: Expert lecturer on environmental engineering and sustainability.

  • Miroslava Kretková: Project coordinator with skills in project coordination and outputs dissemination.

Associated Partners: As a member of the House of Nature network under the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, Infinity Progress collaborates with other organizations, enhancing the dissemination of project results on a national level.

Infinity Progress, through its commitment to sustainability education and cultural heritage interpretation, plays a pivotal role in shaping positive attitudes towards nature and fostering a sense of responsibility for future generations.

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