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Overview: Akademie für Politische Bildung und demokratiefördernden Maßnahmen is a non-profit association based in Austria, specifically in Linz. The organization is dedicated to political education, equal opportunities, and innovative digital learning initiatives. With a focus on civic education, the Akademie supports individuals of all ages, including the unemployed, employed, migrants, and women in the labor market. The organization actively engages in both national and international projects, running approximately 10-15 projects annually, reaching over 10,000 individuals.

Contact Information:

Key Personnel:

  • Petra Hauser (Director): A trained educator with a degree in history, specializing in German studies and German as a foreign language. She has extensive experience in teaching German courses, teacher training, systemic counseling, and soft skills training. Ms. Hauser also manages projects related to political education and active citizen participation.

  • Thomas Hauser (Co-Director): A trained project manager with a commercial degree and a qualified technical and behavioral trainer. Mr. Hauser has over 10 years of experience as a deputy sales manager, project manager, and SAP key user. He specializes in process design, workshops for process optimization, and training measures.

Areas of Activity: The Akademie provides a diverse range of educational offerings for schools, companies, and public institutions. Workshops and training programs cover topics such as civic education, gender mainstreaming, diversity, integration, migration, European Union, media literacy, entrepreneurship education, business idea development, sustainability, and more. The organization places a particular emphasis on producing podcasts with participants expressing their opinions on current political topics.

Educational Initiatives:

  • Workshops for pupils and students aged 5 to adulthood

  • Tailor-made teaching materials for teachers and trainers

  • Training in diversity management and mainstreaming for companies

  • Special focus on soft skills modules, especially in women-oriented study programs

  • Promotion of civic education, international understanding, and cooperation

Experience and Competencies: The Akademie's core competencies lie in training to improve professional skills, digital skills, green skills, and global skills. The organization actively supports people to participate actively in society, fostering active citizenship and European citizenship. The experienced trainers have conducted numerous workshops, constantly developing new methods tailored to the needs of learners. The organization excels in designing educational offers in the fields of ecological, economic, and social sustainability, using a combination of new and traditional methods to enhance learner motivation.

Previous Project Participation: The Akademie has participated in several Erasmus+ projects, including those related to media and information literacy, zero waste cuisine, political activism, critical thinking, upskilling parents for distance learning, and more.

Role in the Current Project: The Akademie is willing to design workshop content, help develop training modules, handle dissemination activities, run multiplier events, and produce podcasts or videos to give voice to learners. The organization aims to contribute its expertise in environmental sustainability to the project.

Key Contacts:

The Akademie für Politische Bildung und demokratiefördernden Maßnahmen demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting civic education, active citizenship, and sustainable practices, making it a valuable partner for collaborative projects.

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